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new way to health and beauty

and rejuvenation
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  1. antiageing
  2. recover
  3. correction
  4. awakening
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9 Reasons

See main advantages
of Reconvel products

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RECONVEL products are unique by their composition and effect

Solution for the body from the foundations

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Cell Recovery

Solution for the body from the foundations

Life cannot exist without energy. And energy cannot exist without life.
Life’s strength and energy is in balance with everything living that creates it.

Strength without the weakest segment

Peptides are unique. By their function and meaning. They are the smallest chains of amino acids significant to the healthy functioning of the cells.

Being the smallest does not mean being the least important. Quite the opposite. They are the basic building segments of every organism – they replace what is missing in the cell and repair what is damaged. This is how our bodies are awakened, regenerated, strengthened, and rejuvenated by peptides

Naturalness is the key

Peptides are present in all living organisms, in every cell and tissue of the body. They play a key role in the most of the biological processes and activities. For achieving a balance and maintenance of health, it is necessary to keep them at appropriate level of concentration and activity.


Never-ending power of nature

Ak silu prirodzene strácame, iba nám vlastný mechanizmus nám ju rovnako prirodzene vráti. Produkty Reconvel riešia organizmus od základu. Rekonštruujú bunky tým najprirodzenejším spôsobom – peptidmi.

New way to health

Reconvel products are exactly what a disturbed organism needs in order to be in harmony.

“The new way to health” is the most natural one. Thanks to its core and essential component – peptides.

Associate Professor Ing. Pavol Babušík, CSc., Dr. h. c.
Head of Research and Development team at the Cell Core Laboratory



Organ regeneration

Breathe life in

12 products focused on regeneration of organs, central nervous system and musculoskeletal system, for physical health of the body, mental well-being and lust for life stimulation, and to improve performance for hard working people and athletes. 

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Imunity regulation

Grab the lifebuoy

6 products focused on immunity and autoimmune disorders, seasonal and chronic allergies, and for elimination of viruses.

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Skin care

Beautificitanion and rejuvenation

Feel life on your own skin

3 products focused on the face and neck - fine and pronounced wrinkles, an allergic, problematic, dehydrated, or tired skin, skin care for the whole body - allergic and atopic skin; and care for the scalp - hair loss and hair follicle stimulation.

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Skin creme

Skin revitalisation

Feel beauty on your own skin

11 creams focused on wrinkles elimination, regeneration and anti-ageing effect, regeneration and soothe mechanically damaged skin, suppress signs of cellulite, elimination of stretchmarks and freshly healed scars, and hair follicle stimulating tonic.


More information




Reconvel products are unique by their composition and effect

They recover the body in a focused way. Where it asks and when it is needed.


Peptides are the smallest chains of proteins / amino acids which participate in forming molecules in cells and they are essential for the healthy functioning of the cells in the organs and glands of the body.

With age and stress, as well as other external factors, these smallest building segments of the human body become damaged or missing in body, what is leading to ageing and various diseases.


The principle of correcting this problem is to replenish these important living particles back into the cells themselves so that they can function properly again.

In order for the replenishment of peptides to be effective and revitalisation really take place on the cell level, it is necessary for the peptides to be very small (1 to 2 nanometres). Only in this way can they reliably pass through the cell walls into the cells and replenish missing peptides.

Thanks to this peptide replenishment into the cell bonds, it comes to regeneration and revitalisation of damaged vital organs, immune system, and skin from the very foundations – building molecules


More information


Variety of active ingredients in Reconvel products with their inorganic substances, minerals, organic substances and particularly bioactive peptides, form an enormous basis for a broad-spectrum intervention against a given health problem.

Types of peptides

There are an enormous number of peptides which undertake a whole range of highly important functions in the body. Reconvel products contain all of the above types of peptides.


Reconvel products from Cell Core Laboratory production belong to the most sophisticated dietary supplements and special beauty care products in the world.

This is proved especially by the parameters of their contents.

The company is based in Bratislava, in the capital of the Slovak Republic, a European Union Member State. The laboratory is operating at near Nitra, in premises meeting all the necessary standards for the development and manufacture of dietary supplements, including the Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

The expert team is composed of people whose portfolios include study and work at home laboratories in addition to the world‘s top laboratories, as well as lecturing at several universities around the world.

For several years, the team has been hosting as a professional component of development, preparation and production of active ingredients for cosmetics in various companies engaged in aesthetic medicine and cosmetics.

The laboratory team is headed by Associate Professor Ing. Pavol Babušík, CSc., Dr. h. c., who has been focusing his practical experience mainly on animal biotechnology for more than 35 years. He is the author and co-authored of more than 80 scientific papers and countless textbooks.



Cell Core Laboratory s. r. o.

office: Kukuričná 13, 831 03 Bratislava, Slovakia, EU

ID: 48 315 800
VAT: SK2120152166

Milan Čížmár
phone: +421 911 038 082

Ing. Karol Školník
phone: +421 905 905 003

Mgr. PhDr. Daniel Nogol
WDS Private Bank S.R.L.


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