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General terms and conditions online shop RECONVEL

laying down the terms and conditions between the provider / seller and the customer / buyer (the "Terms")


1. Operator (sellers) in the online shop RECONVEL a Cell Core Laboratory Ltd. / Ing. Karol Skolnik, Kutuzova 21, 831 03 Bratislava

2. the Customer (buyer) in the online shop is any natural or legal person who sends an electronic form to order goods (product / s or service / vices).

3. When ordering as an individual - non-entrepreneur, please state your name, address where the goods are to be delivered, phone number and e-mail. If you purchase as a legal entity (the company or business) in order also mention your business name, identification number, Tax ID / VAT number and billing address if different from delivery address.

4. The acceptance of the order goods by the operator and therefore the purchase contract occurs upon confirmation of the correct and completely filled orders electronically (e-mail) by the operator, the operator reserves the right to adjust the prices of goods ordered (ie operator guarantee the price of goods, which is listed on the website of the operator at the time of the order, since this depends on the change in supply prices of the goods). After submitting your order to your e-mail will be sent a confirmation of receipt of the order and later other information about the status of your order (eg. The order has been processed, the goods have been dispatched, the goods are out of stock, etc.).

5. The place of fulfillment of the purchase agreement means the seat (residence) or place of business of the Customer in the electronic form with the order. The goods will be supplied by the operator using the services of third parties (contract carrier, courier service) or operator shall deliver the goods by their own means or by agreement with the client the goods are ready for delivery by the operator. Delivery of goods is done by handing it over to the Customer or handing over the goods for carriage contract carrier. Title to the goods passes to the customer delivery of goods under the swap subject to payment of the purchase amount specified in the order in full. By the time the transfer of ownership of the operator to the Customer, the Customer has any obligations custodian of things and is obliged products and services at their own expense safely kept and label them so that they are at all times identifiable as the goods of the operator.

6. The operator delivers the goods to the Customer as soon as possible after receipt of the electronic order form with the delivery times listed on the website of the operator. The Customer acknowledges that delivery dates mentioned (delivery time) are only indicative. The customer agrees to extend the delivery period if it ordered production of goods or other circumstances require. If the operator is unable to deliver to the Customer all goods ordered at the agreed time, it shall notify this situation as soon as possible and notify the customer had expected delivery of ordered goods or he suggests delivery of replacement goods. If the customer orders the goods of non-standard sizes or products heavier than 30 kg, the operator agreed payment and delivery terms with the client individually.

7. If the goods are delivered to the contracting carrier, the operator gives the purchaser the right to provide contract carrier the necessary personal data for the purpose of delivery of goods (name / business name, address, telephone).

8. When receiving the goods the customer receives a proof of receipt of goods and invoice quantifying the purchase price and VAT.

9. If the customer does not take the merchandise out of the situation of damage to the goods on delivery (mail is returned as nedoručná no fault of the operator, eg. If the recipient contracting carrier found, notifies about delivery, customer shipment inadvertently or deliberately not taken, etc.) the operator can claim damages caused by breach of obligations covered by the contractual penalty. The contractual penalty is in this case set the minimum of paid postage and a maximum of 100% of the total price of the order. Buyer, who is assumed order will be sent by e-mail message requesting information about what to do next with his order. The answer to this challenge is the customer deadline 7 days from the date of sending the message. If the client requests a resend thus return shipping operator Douce the total price of the second shipment handling fee and postage according to current price list. Resend thus return shipping is only possible on payment in advance. If the customer to call the operator does not respond within the set deadline, the order will be canceled by the operator.

10. Client as a private person (non-entrepreneur) is in accordance with the law to withdraw from the contract within 7 working days of receipt of goods. In this case, the client contacts the prevázdkovateľa and submit a written declaration (no electronic means of communication) of withdrawal stating the order number, purchase date and account number or exact address for financial settlement. Purchased items in original condition as on receipt (including documentation, accessories, etc.) Sent to the customer at his own expense, along with the original proof of purchase back to the address of the operator (rather than by cash on delivery). The right of withdrawal does the customer if the goods were purchased and taken personally by the operator. Prevázdkovateľ Customer undertakes to return the price paid for the goods within 15 calendar days of receipt of returned goods in the same way as that used for payment for goods, unless the customer requests otherwise. If the returned goods damaged, used, worn or incomplete, the operator can return to the Customer the purchase price reduced by the amount of damage or wear and tear of the goods in the amount min. 1% of the total price (in accordance with the relevant provisions of § 457 of the Civil Code).

11. The customer can withdraw from a sales contract whereby a service is provided when the service began to meet with the client's consent before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, also can not withdraw the sale of goods made to customer specific requirements, particularly in respect of goods intended for one customer, in respect of goods which by their properties can not be returned (eg. health reasons) or for goods that quickly perishable.

12. Operator reserves the right to change prices. Price is valid so, what is said in an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the order. The prize is not consulting, transportation or any other expenses, unless specified in the product description. The price of goods is determined by the current price list. Discounted (action) Product prices are clearly marked with symbols (eg. "Sale" or "sale"). Availability for prices lasts until sold out or during the period referred to in the preferential price.

13. If the customer is currently in, or is living abroad, the operator agreed payment and delivery terms with the client individually. When delivery of the order to the customer CR paying the price of goods and services courier service at the overheard CZK according to the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Slovakia (www.nbs.sk).

14. Warranty terms are governed by the Complaint Rules.

15. Operator is not responsible for late delivery of goods caused by the postman (mail, courier) or indicated wrong address customer. Customer is obliged to thoroughly inspect the goods in the receipt from the courier and his signature confirm receipt of goods in the proof of receipt of goods. If the shipment is visibly damaged or destroyed, the buyer shall, without the lot immediately contact the operator. Complaint for any non-delivery due to the postman or damage to goods caused by the shipper is required in such cases directly to the postman. Complaints mechanical damage caused by goods transport, download the client free from defects confirmed officers, operators will not be considered eligible and the fulfillment of such a complaint is not objednávateľovu provided.

16. All received electronic orders of goods are considered proposal for this contract and are not considered binding. The customer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason at any time before delivery of goods through e-mail or by phone. The operator has the right to cancel the order in case of non-delivery due to force majeure, due to the end of its production, due to the sold out or due to the impossibility of delivery in the price, which is included in the online store, in all these cases, the operator shall inform the customer. The operator shall provide the possibility of delivery of replacement goods. The customer has the right to refuse to supply replacement goods or cancel the order the goods. In the case of payment of the purchase price or its part will be in the order is canceled funds returned to the Customer within 15 calendar days in the same manner as that used for payment for goods, unless the customer requests otherwise.

17. The customer declares that he agrees to sec. § 7 ods. 1 of Act no. 428/2002 on the protection of personal data, as amended, the operator and keep the processed personal data, especially those mentioned above, and / or necessary in the operation of the operator and process them in all their systems. The Customer grants the operators of this consent for an indefinite period. Consent to the processing of personal data, the client can withdraw at any time in writing (e-mail, registered mail) or by telephone, on the basis of which the operator of the personal data deleted from its database. Updating personal data may be registered in the client performed directly on-line mode on the website of the online store after login.

18. Customer after submitting your order, or registration can receive messages about offers products, events and services vendor. Buyer may at any time withdraw the transmission through the line, which is located in emails that it will be delivered.

19. On trade relations (as well as other legal relationships that can arise from it) natural persons not acting when concluding trade agreements under these GTC as part of its business, apply in addition to the general provisions of the Civil Code and specific legislation, particularly law no. 108/2000 on Consumer Protection in Doorstep and Distance Selling Act no. 250/2007 on the protection of consumers.

20. The customer and operator agree to fully accept electronic communication, particularly through electronic mail and Internet network as valid and binding on both parties. The electronic form of communication is not acceptable in case of withdrawal from the contract.

21. The customer confirms by sending an order to get these GTC read and fully agrees with them. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the operator shall not be liable to the Client for lost profits, loss of opportunity or any other indirect or consequential loss due to negligence, breach of contract of sale or otherwise incurred. If the satisfaction of the competent authority of the Slovak Republic of certain provisions of these GTC be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the GTC and the remaining parts of the relevant provisions of the GTC shall not be affected thereby.

22. GTC apply as stated on the website of the operator on the day of sending the electronic form with the order except if between the two parties expressly agreed otherwise.


Operator reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions. Obligation written notice changes VOP is satisfied location on the website of the trade.

These Terms are valid from 11.10.2017 and fully replaces the previous VOP. Operator reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions without notice.


Cell Core Laboratory s. r. o.

office: Kukuričná 13, 831 03 Bratislava, Slovakia, EU

ID: 48 315 800
VAT: SK2120152166

Milan Čížmár
phone: +421 911 038 082
e-mail: cizmar@reconvel.com

Ing. Karol Školník
phone: +421 905 905 003
e-mail: sales@reconvel.com

Mgr. PhDr. Daniel Nogol
WDS Private Bank S.R.L.


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