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The dimensions of the free peptides, and peptides separated from larger chains of amino acids, allow for their easy penetration through the cell pores, which guarantees their effectiveness inside the cell.

Each cell has the need for a different type of peptide.

During ultrafiltration we acquire a very wide range of various types of peptides. Cells with all sorts of disturbances have the opportunity to choose and accept those peptides which are essential for their function.

A specific ingredient used in our laboratory is the tissue of juvenile animals, which serves as the source for processing xenopreparates.

Our products are specific, depending on the organ which they affect, which means that they will reliably work on an identical type of organ like the one from which they were taken. Peptides taken from vertebrates are identical to peptides in the human body.

Phytopreparates are a source of living and fresh plants, and, in some special cases, they are plants and mushrooms dried at temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, sometimes in the sun.

Using the organic peptides has a long-term to permanent effect, and their activity can be measurably and subjectively felt after 2 to 10 weeks.

The plant peptides function in a similar manner. However, they mostly have a symptomatic effect, meaning that they can be felt within a matter of hours. Their effect is therefore measurably and subjectively felt over the whole period of using the peptides.


Using the oral preparation

Use the preparation once a day at approximately the same time. Ideally the mouth should be firstly rinsed out with clean water (this is also to eliminate the accumulation of saliva, because it contains proteolytic enzymes which destroy peptides). The contents of the ampoule should then be applied under the tongue and allowed to dissolve for a minimum of twenty seconds. Before consumption it is recommended to not consume any strong foods or drinks for several minutes. It is also not recommended to use any toothpaste or mouthwash for at least one hour before use.


Using the face cream

Apply appropriate amount of cream on the face (including around the eyes) and neck in the morning and at night after washing, and apply to any other affected area of the body. The absorption of the excess cream into the skin can be facilitated by a gentle tapping of the fingers. Allow 2 to 3 minutes for the cream to start taking effect. The cream does not leave any oily traces and readies the skin for the application of other creams and make-up. An excessive amount of applied cream may cause a slight crumbling of make-up subsequently applied to the same area.

When using a larger amount, it is advisable to rinse the skin after around five minutes. By this time, the active substances will have already been absorbed, so only the excess elements of the cream are being washed away.

When using at night, a larger amount can be applied onto clean skin which is free of make-up and then left to be thoroughly absorbed. Afterwards, regular night cream may be applied.


Using the body gel cream

Apply appropriate amount of body gel cream to affected parts of the body using circular movements until it is totally absorbed into the skin. The body gel cream should be applied to clean skin daily after showering. The best results are achieved when the body gel-cream is used in the morning and in the evening over a period of several weeks, ideally even after symptoms have eased. It is advisable to undertake a body peeling procedure at least once a week before applying the body gel cream. Regular use will see the skin become firm and smooth. For best results, it is important to remain adequately hydrated.


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